7 Tips To Consider When Buying Custom Motorcycle Wheels

7 Tips To Consider When Buying Custom Motorcycle Wheels

Choosing custom wheels for your motorcycle is important. They can change the ride as well as improve the look of your bike. Who doesn’t like to see heads turn when you ride by?

1) Motorcycle Wheels – How Much Are you Willing to Spend?

The first thing to consider when choosing custom motorcycle wheels is the amount of money you are willing to spend. Knowing how much you have, or are willing to spend before walking in to the store will keep you from wasting time looking at things you can’t afford. Most custom wheels are comprised of billet aluminum and not in mass quantities such as automotive wheels. They are costly so make sure you are giving yourself a large enough budget. It may take some time to save up for the wheels so make sure you start saving earlier rather than later.

2) What Type of Wheel Are you Looking For?

The next decision can be made while you are saving the money. What type of wheel are you looking for? What have you seen that really catches your eye? The type of wheel you are going to choose will dictate the look of your ride. On a custom wheel you can choose everything from spokes to the metal that is used to the finish. Chrome finishes are easily cleaned but you need to give them attention after every ride to avoid premature corrosion. Furthermore chrome is not a good option for someone living in an area by the ocean due to the high salt content in the air. In this case a polished aluminum wheel may be a better choice. Powder coated wheels are easier to hide blemishes but often times are not as durable as other wheel choices.

3) Customer Motorcycle Wheel Designs

After you have some idea about what kind of wheel you are interested in you need to choose a design for your wheel. Remember, the wheels will determine the look for your ride. There are several media outlets in which to view that will assist you in deciding on an option that is right for you. If you are going to spend the money to buy custom wheels you need to find something that you love.

4) Motorcycle Wheels Size & Tire Considerations

Next in the line up is the size of the wheel. There are several different sizes to choose from and not all size wheels will fit on all bikes. Know your motorcycle and what the minimum and maximum wheel sizes your bike will allow. Research the type of tire that will fit on your new rim and what type of wear the tires will get. Remember when you buy a set of custom motorcycle wheels you are also going to need new tires. Allow for this in your budget. If you are ordering your new wheels with the tires mounted make sure you ask questions. Specifically, find out if your new wheels come with the hubs and if they are ready to mount. Ask if you will need to make any additional modifications before putting on your custom wheels. If the hubs are included, ask if the bearings are included in the hub as well. Where the tires are concerned you need to inquire as to whether they are mounted and balanced and if the valve stems are included.

5) Shipping Costs

Another consideration is whether or not the company you are ordering from includes the shipping cost in their pricing. If not, how much will shipping be? Where are the custom wheels going to be shipped? Is the company located in the same state? If so, sales tax will be applicable. Ask the salesperson how long it will take to receive your new wheels. If you are ordering a unique wheel it may take a couple of months to get them. This is important because you don’t want to have your bike in parts for months when you are planning to ride.

6) Other Parts & Accessories

Some bikes have a visible rear rotor and pulley. If this is the case for you, what condition are yours in? Do the current rotor and pulley match the new custom motorcycle wheels? If not you may want to consider allotting a little extra cash to purchase new parts. If you decide to go with new parts you should inquire as to what hardware is included. It’s no fun to get your new parts home and find that you can’t install them immediately because you are missing hardware.

7) Motorcycle Wheels Warranty

For any aftermarket purchase you need to consider the warranty as well as the return policy. Many businesses today will allow you to return items but charge a restocking fee. An acceptable warranty on motorcycle wheels is 2 years on the chrome and lifetime on the structure. Also find out, if your bike is fairly new and still has a remaining factory warranty, whether the work is required to be completed by the dealer in order to maintain the warranty. Some manufacturers will void warranties if work is done by someone other than the dealership. Determining when the parts will be in is important if you have to schedule an appointment at the dealership to get your bike in. Coordinate properly so you spend minimal time on 4 wheels.

Choosing custom motorcycle wheels for your ride can be very frustrating. With a little preparation before you begin your hunt, you will find your buying experience much more enjoyable.

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