BMW 4 Series A Sports Pack Coupe with Sensational Engine Lineup


contrary to the popular opinion, that the 4 series are just less practical and more swoopier versions of the 3 Series. BMW 4 Series has carved its own identity and is becoming popular with every passing day among true driving enthusiasts. it is an elite coupe that can seat 4 people. It may be based on the same platform as the 3 series. However, it is an entirely different kind of beast when it comes to performance and sportiness.

There are striking differences between the 3 Series and 4 series apart from the obvious difference in exterior design. 4 Series is wider than the 3 series and this incorporates better handling and a sportier stance. It is heavier than the 3 series, it’s longer and wider and low-slung. Most of the 4 series are rear-wheel drive bars some exceptions are all-wheel drive. All in all, the 4 series is a good-looking car with its aggressive lines, sports body and sloping roofline and ranks heads and shoulders above the 3 Series in terms of performance and looks.


BMW 4 Series rolled through the production line in 2014 and the first generation came with a vast range of BMW engines in both diesel and petrol. Those engines were capable of producing 245 hp, 258 hp, 313 hp and 326 hp and gave plenty of driving pleasure to the keen drivers of the vehicles. A new wave of more refined engines was introduced in 2017 in the F36 facelift version. There were plenty of variants available in both petrol and diesel that started from 150 hp and went on to 184 hp, 190 hp, 252 hp, 290 hp, 313 hp, and 326 hp.

The latest and most refined engines start from 420i that produces 184 hp. Next up is 420 d which produces 190 hp, 430i produces 245 hp and 430d produce 286 hp. The most powerful option is the M440i which is capable of producing 374 hp with 4.7 seconds to reach 0-60 mph. top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph. it returns the fuel consumption figures of 13 km/l.

Bold and Sporty Exterior

Let’s get the elephant out of the room first. Yes, the front grill is substantial and either you are going to love it or hate it. However, it’s not as big as the Audi A5, and if you do not like it at all, no need to worry. There are going to be many aftermarket companies that would bring designs to hide most of the grill anyway.

The aggressive and sportier stance starts right from the front as the bonnet is prolonged with perfectly incorporated headlights and an aggressive grill. Bonnet has bulging lines hinting at the beast that lives under the bonnet. There are both 2 doors and 4-door trims available and in our opinion, 4-door is way better and more practical. Regardless of the number of doors, the roofline slopes downwards anyway. And at the back, it looks all high-tech. smoked backlights and aggressive-looking sloping boot makes it a treat to look at.

Quality Interior Reminding of 3 Series

When doing a comparison with its main rivals, BMW 4 Series interior is not as appealing as a C Class Coupe and as soon as you enter the cabin, you are reminded of the design aesthetics of the 3 series as the interior design language is almost the same. However, some differences remind you that you are sitting in a different beast such as lower sitting position and raking pillars towards the back.

The thing that strikes you the most is the quality of materials and how solid all the components are fixed. This gives a clear sign of engineering depth. iDrive system is still considered one of the best infotainment systems and provides additional help in many driving aspects. There is plenty of leg and headroom for the driver and passenger with supportive and comfortable seats. However, things are not as good at the back; you may feel cramped, especially if you are tall. The boot has a good capacity ranging to almost 470 litres and can be enhanced even further by folding the seats down.

Road Handling and Ride Quality

Due to its redesigned structure underneath, it is a well-balanced vehicle with plenty of tyre grip. The suspension might be a little firm for those who are used to the softer 3 series ride but it adds firmness to the handling. You can opt for a more sensible ride by adding the optional adaptive dampers. However, it is considered a common and sensible practice to switch between the modes as the comfort mode is best when driving within the city and sport mode can extract the complete potential of the strong engine. you can get crisper shifting and a more responsive steering feel that ultimately helps in better handling.

You can expect the sort of quality in sound-deafening processes from BMW that surpasses any other automotive brand. The interior of the BMW 4 Series is quiet and soundless with no engine, road or tyre noise making its way inside the cabin. As mentioned above, you can make riding a little more comfortable. You can enhance the comfort by avoiding the larger wheels and staying on standard ones.


BMW 4 Series is a step up from the already brilliant 3 series. BMW has made an effort to make it a more fun and engaging drive and has made it smarter and roomier than people might think of it. It gives its rivals a run for their money and looks amazing on the road. If there is any downside of this vehicle that we can point out, it has to be cramped space at the back and in the boot. However, the sensation of driving and elite handling makes you forget those small problems.

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