Chrissy Teigen Shares an Irresistible Twist on Classic Bolognese That Has Our Mouths Watering

Chrissy Teigen Shares an Irresistible Twist on Classic Bolognese That Has Our Mouths Watering

Caroline Greelish

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Chrissy Teigen is a celebrity who lets the public deep into her world. She’s open about everything from her struggles to her favorite things and her honesty is one of the things we love the most about her. One of the other reasons we are mega Chrissy Teigen fans? The girl can cook and she has the cookbooks to prove it. She has numerous best-selling cookbooks (and a cookware line!)and her love for the craft is evident across all of her social media platforms. Her most recent creation, a healthy alternative to pasta bolognese, has our mouths watering already.

Teigen shared the divine recipe to her main Instagram account writing, “Roasted spaghetti squash filled with a layer of parm/ricotta/pesto mix, filled with bolognese and topped with mozzarella! Like a weird spaghetti squash lasagna of sorts!” 

This Italian dish could be an amazing way to trick your kids into eating some vegetables as squash has a pretty mild flavor that the sauce and cheese could easily mask. The assembly of the squash is also a fun way to involve the kids in the kitchen. To create it, Teigen writes, “add a layer of ricotta mix to roasted squash boat. Add heaping scoop of meat sauce. Top with shredded mozzarella put back into oven til melty. Top with chopped parsley!”

Anyone else ready to jump in their cars and gather the ingredients for this one? 

Don’t even get us started on the bolognese; it looks phenomenal. It’s turkey-based and full of delicious veggies and my gosh does the end product look gorgeous. Check out Teigen’s post for yourself to get the full recipe, you will probably be just as obsessed with it as us.

Before you go, check out Ingredients Chrissy Teigen Loves to Use below:

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