Diy mechanic’s vehicle doorway maintenance are unsuccessful is a hilarious ‘short’ tale

Don’t forget: Measure twice, set up at the time.

A Do-it-yourself mechanic has shared a hilarious are unsuccessful that occurred when he experimented with to deal with his initially automobile.

Robert Woods of Manchester, U.K., had just gained his driver’s license a few of decades back when he obtained a applied two-door Peugeot 206 subcompact for 600 lbs, around $750. The only situation was that the passenger-facet doorway crank window (on the remaining in the U.K.) was busted and would not roll down.

As an alternative of shelling out the 60 kilos ($75) it would’ve price to take care of it, the then-firefighter understood he could obtain an entire door to change it for 50 percent the price tag and install it himself. Immediately after discovering a single that was a match for the pink car, he and a friend used a few hrs on the replacement occupation, which went swimmingly for a first try out. Until eventually he attempted to shut the doorway.

“I shut the door after fitting it and commenced to walk away. But I didn’t hear it simply click so I turned about. I recognized this huge hole in the side of the car,” Woods explained to SWNS. “I was baffled but recognized straight away what had occurred.”

Turns out Woods experienced procured the entrance door for a 4-door model of the 206, which is the exact exact same form as the two-door’s, but a several inches shorter in duration, leaving a hole.

Woods explained the salesman experienced instructed him it was the suitable one, but did not hassle returning it. In its place, he set the outdated doorway with the busted window back on, but the incident caused the motor vehicle to turn out to be the butt of jokes among his buddies and he finished up selling it soon following.

Woods has also gotten a new task … as a driver for a courier services.

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