Ellysium Automotive launches 3 high-speed electric scooter models

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Ellysium Automotive has introduced three high-speed electric scooter models in the domestic market, priced at Rs 1.44-2.16 lakh (ex-showroom).

Ellysium Automotive has launched its two-wheeler brand Eveium in India last month.

The new e-scooter models -Cosmo, Comet and Czar – can be booked at an initial advance payment of Rs 999 from August 8 at EVeium showrooms in Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Calicut, the company said.

All the three vehicles come with a host of features such as multiple speed modes (eco, normal and sport), keyless start, anti-theft mechanism, latest LCD display, regenerative braking and Mobile App connectivity, among others, the company said.

Ellysium Automotive is a part of the UAE-based business Group META4.

“Within a short period following the launch of EVeium brand for the Indian market we could turn around with the launch of three new offerings by the brand. We are sure that the products will get a good response from the market,” said Muzammil Riyaz, Partner and Promoter, Eveium.

Powered by 72V and 30Ah Lithium-ion battery, which gets fully charged in 4 hrs, Cosmo comes with a 2000 W motor, offering a top speed of 65 km/hour and can run over 80 km on a single full charge, while Comet comes with a top speed of 85 km/hour. It can go up to 150 km on a single full battery charge. Its

72V and 50Ah Lithium-ion battery gets fully charged in just 4 hours, according to the company.

Czar is also a high-speed variant offering a maximum speed of 85km/hr. It conveniently goes up to 150 km on a full charge. Packed with a Lithium-ion 72V and 42Ah battery this variant too gets quickly charged in four hours, it said, adding, out of three models, Czar has the most powerful motor with 4000 W capacity.

Other features of the new offerings include the find my vehicle feature, real-time tracking, over-speed alert and geo-fencing.


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