JDI to drive automotive display sales with new technologies

JDI to drive automotive display sales with new technologies


Japan Display (JDI) is collaborating with automotive OEs for more in-car, behind-the-wheel displays. The company plans to increase revenue of automotive products to 40% of overall revenue this financial year.

JDI’s OLED panels with eLEAP technology may begin mass production next year. The transparent display demonstrating translated messages for foreign tourists is also scheduled to be mass produced in Fall 2023, according to Japanese media.


Car Watch and Jiji reported that JDI unveiled last month 34-inch automotive display that could be aesthetically and functionally integrated with modern car design. The curved display has been adopted by carmakers, reports said.

Scott Callon, chairman and CEO at JDI, said the company will license its patented, leading technologies such as eLEAP and HMO to other panel makers. Licensing the technologies is part of the company’s open strategy to stimulate growth.

The company expects robust growth for automotive displays will push the number of displays used in cars to increase by 4% and the area of in-car displays to increase by 8%.

Seiichi Fukunaga, head of AutoTech at JDI, said by the end of this financial year, ending in March 2023, the revenue from automotive display is expected to grow to 40% of the company’s consolidated revenue.

The company added that it has gained a significant market share of head-up displays (HUD) and HUD will be equipped with AR and 3D technologies in the future.

JDI’s private view technology also provides enhanced privacy for drivers and passengers.


The eLEAP technology can be customized for displays of any size with two times higher brightness and three times longer lifetime. The tech also solves screen burn-ins, which is a common problem of OLED panels.

eLEAP stands for environment positive, lithography with maskless deposition, extreme long life, low power, and high luminance, and any shape patterning.

Transparent display

JDI will begin mass production of its transparent display, Rælclear, in sizes up to 20.8-inch with two times higher brightness as soon as Fall 2023. Applications of transparent display include transportation, healthcare, sales, tourism, and more.


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