Just take flight with this helicopter-run bike

There is anything a little bit insane about attempting to harness a automobile with far more energy than it has any rights to have. In fashionable periods, a auto or truck with 350 horsepower is run-of-the-mill. The motorcycle globe has a distinctive scale even though, and the Maritime Turbine Systems Y2K turbine bike provides the electric power and provides it in a delightfully absurd way.

a motorcycle parked on the side of a road: MTT

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The Y2K has an audacious powertrain. Even though most motorcyclists only come near to a turbine motor at the time aboard the Life Flight absent from the crash scene, Y2K homeowners can take pleasure in the turbine whine from start off to end. That is ideal, the Y2K is powered by a Rolls-Royce M250 turboshaft motor plucked right from the airframe of helicopters. It’s mounted upside-down when compared to the airframe of a helicopter, which permits the searingly-incredibly hot exhaust to exit away from the rider somewhat than directly up onto them. The exhaust gasoline temperatures can reach 1400 degrees even at idle, and airflow by way of the engine is practically 52 cubic ft of air for each 2nd. For reference, a 350 little-block Chevy only needs 68 cubic feet for every minute to idle.

The integral gearbox puts out power at 6000 rotations for every minute, so a personalized 2-velocity gearbox is needed to make the equipment ridable—if you could get in touch with one thing like this ridable. That gearbox is what decides the all round size of the chassis, considering the fact that the engine is essentially very modest. There are only a number of moving parts, but with the authentic application currently being plane, all those elements are highly-priced. In reality, which is how these engines ended up in bikes. Rolls Royce sets a run time restrict and as soon as it is attained the motor is essential to be torn down and rebuilt. That charge could be also terrific for an engine to be set back again into plane service, but it is beautifully acceptable for a device not built to leave the ground.

diagram: This is a rough cutaway drawing of the internals of a turbine engine like the one used in the Y2K superbike. MTT

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This is a tough cutaway drawing of the internals of a turbine engine like the just one used in the Y2K superbike. MTT

The lag time amongst the throttle opening and motor uptick is visible, that means that the machine is ridable but evidently not a great match for just about anything other than a wild showpiece or straight-line rocket. The start off-up procedure also bars out brief trips as the just one-moment system just to get the point idling and prepared to journey is absurd to everybody but the most committed British motorcycle rider.

a motorcycle parked on the side of a road: 2014ushiona

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Would I trip it presented the prospect? Absolutely. Would I conclusion up hurting myself? Additional than probably. That might demonstrate why these machines were being constructed to get and only bought to customers vetted by the organization as becoming capable and dependable more than enough to sustain them. If you would not have passed that test, you however have a shot to purchase a single next hand.


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“The $245,000 asking selling price is steep, but with bikes this scarce and alluring there is no other option, the value is simply a range if you have to have it,” claims info analyst James Hewitt. “It is absolutely a discussion piece and would be the only one particular at just about any function you take it to if you are courageous enough to experience it out and about.”

Is this bike as wild as it appears on paper? Are you nuts enough to imagine this is a superior concept? Share your viewpoint in the Hagerty Community down below.

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