Renault 5 ‘cult car’ will be relaunched as new totally-electric model by French manufacturer

The Renault 5 prototype will be the “rebirth of a cult car” for the French agency with a 100 p.c absolutely-electric twist. The unique Renault 5 four-passenger supermini became the most effective selling auto in France from 1972 to 1986 with around 5million styles sold.

The bonnet air intakes contain the charging hatch with the rear lights showcasing the initial automobiles common aero flaps.

The new model will element distinctive nods to the primary Renault 5 on the side grid, wheels and rear symbol.

Gilles Vidal, Renault Style Director mentioned the new model “embodies modernity” and will be a automobile relevant to a modern-day viewers.

He claimed: “The layout of the Renault 5 Prototype is dependent on the R5, cult design of our heritage.

This will consist of an enlargement of the budget Dacia model and the reinvention of Alpine as an electric performance handle.

Luca de Meo, CEO grope Renault explained: “At Renault, we embrace the waves of disruption and produce our own ‘Nouvelle Vague’.

“It’s about bringing modernity to the automotive field. We’ll transfer to an electrical power brand name, strengthening our EV leadership with the Electro Pole venture and investing in Hydrogen, aiming at obtaining the greenest blend in Europe by 2025.”

He extra: “This eyesight of modernity, we anchor it in France. Due to the fact as a brand name, we know our soul and our strength lie in our origins.

“The new R5 is the Nouvelle Vague: it’s strongly linked to its historical past, and still it is the long term, making electric powered cars well-liked.”