Repairing This Prolonged-Time Android Auto Bug May possibly Be Much easier than Even Google Expected

There’s a large amount to enhance on Android Vehicle, but 1 very long-time glitch that Google is nevertheless hoping to offer with triggers the software to automatically shut down when the cell phone reaches a complete cost.

In other terms, if you use the wired variation of Android Car and the smartphone is related to the head device, anytime a 100 p.c battery amount is achieved, the application just closes without prior detect.

And what’s extra, you cannot relaunch it all over again until the battery amount drops underneath 100 percent, as for some explanation Android Car cannot work with a comprehensive battery.

The whole thing was initial documented in the drop of 2019, and while Google responded very last yr inquiring for far more logs to figure out what’s going on, a fix is nonetheless nowhere to be seen in February 2021.

Many thanks to these collaborating on capturing a bug report. We’ve achieved out to you by using e-mail with the guidelines, make sure you reply specifically to it. We have strike the amount of members to acquire bug stories, so remember to check back again on this thread for even more updates. Thanks!” a member of the Android Car staff mentioned not a prolonged time in the past, confirming that a entire deal with is now in progress.

Someone on Google’s community forums, nonetheless, has arrive up with a ridiculously basic workaround that could in fact assist do the trick for some individuals.

Disabling Android Vehicle notifications on the Android smartphone stops the disconnecting from happening for some reason, however at this position, we just cannot nevertheless ensure it delivers this back to standard for most people.

But if it does, this is undoubtedly a superior area to start off for the bug investigation, specifically since proper now, it seems to be like even Google’s having difficulties to determine out why the disconnecting happens. At this level, the bug report has presently received more than 650 upvotes, so it is quite crystal clear quite a lot of persons are having difficulties to deal with the glitch in their cars and trucks way too.