Saturn Ion concerns bring about ‘limp dwelling mode’ | Motor vehicle Talk

If the pc gets a looking through for one particular of the engine’s sensors that indicates that harm could be finished to your really high-priced catalytic converter, it’ll have interaction limp home manner, which lessens the engine’s ability significantly, earning it seem to be like you are in reduced equipment. And that’s generally accompanied by a minimal electricity light.

But you’ve got so several other warning lights on that I think your mechanic was on the right monitor to appear for a much more systemic electrical problem.

Typically, what we’d do in a scenario like this is one thing named a shake examination. Essentially, you get on to every single wire and connector you can come across in the car or truck and shake it, hoping that you can reproduce the problem and slender down its resource. And if you are actually blessed, although you’re yanking on all the wires, the car catches fireplace and that solves the problem.

There are so several factors it could be: a corroded floor wire, a bad ignition change, filthy connectors in a wire harness, a poor electronic command module (pc). Even a failing gasoline pump could lead to some of these symptoms.

I know you just can’t go to your area Saturn seller any more (RIP), but you may possibly contemplate speaking to a person at a pleasant Chevy seller, which serviced these cars immediately after Saturn bailed.

Perhaps they’ll realize the collection of indicators and save you a few hundred hours of diagnostic detective perform. If not, you can give your mechanic one more crack at it and see if he finds a stored fault code in the computer system this time or if not receives blessed.