Why is my heater not working? Howdy Paul, my AC functions flawlessly but the heater does not. What could be the lead to of the breakdown? Tony Hi Tony, did you know that very hot coolant is made use of to warmth up your vehicle ventilation? A breakdown of one of the air flow heating parts that support to channel this coolant close to the vents can result in a no warmth ailment. There are a few of components you need to have an AC technician to investigate. These include a blocked heater main, undesirable heater regulate valve or a damaged down air door actuator, which is ordinarily utilised to select cold or sizzling air for the ventilation process. A competent car or truck AC technician must know how to examination the heater main device for blockage by managing drinking water via it. This is proposed before the decision to take out it. Removing of the AC main would require dismantling a section of your dashboard, which demands a knowledgeable technician who will be ready to reassemble the various parts. The auto maker proposed AC coolant 314a should really be utilised after the work. Which is improved involving a Premio and Spacio? Hi there Paul, I need to obtain a vehicle for my brother who is torn concerning a Toyota Premio and Toyota Spacio. He will in some cases have to have to journey with elderly persons to the village. Which motor vehicle should really we acquire? Robert. Hello there Robert, the Toyota Premio is a sedan saloon car while the Toyota Spacio is a multi-goal automobile (MPV). Your choice in between the two will be centered on their features and your brother’s transportation needs. Let us fully grasp the change amongst your two solutions. The sedan or saloon car or truck (Premio) is commonly a two row, 5 passenger transporter with 4 doors and an extended trunk. Place for the travellers and cargo is mounted and can not conveniently be altered. On the other hand, the MPV (Spacio) has a three row, five to 7 seating potential with the room for passengers and cargo shared interchangeable. A person can deploy 7 seats to accommodate additional travellers or have a single passenger and fold down the centre and rear seat rows to develop additional cargo place. In gas financial state terms, the 1.8 litre engines on each options will a lot more or fewer give you the exact same gas effectiveness and dissimilarities will be due to loading of passengers or cargo, how you push and provider condition. The Premio saloon’s additional aero dynamic composition has much better driveability on the highway for the reason that of much better response to dynamic and torsional road forces as well as a decreased coefficient of drag in the course of high velocity driving. Premio would be a superior option for a frequent highway traveller who has only 3 to four travellers and minimum cargo. The Spacio on the other hand is a superior shuttle for small children and loved ones with shopping, parcel or cargo shipping. My car is failing to begin Howdy Paul, I have experienced problems with beginning my Prado petrol for about two months now. I even had the fuel pump changed but with no considerably adjust. The mechanic checked the spark plugs and some other element which he immersed in drinking water for some time (is it solenoid? cannot bear in mind the identify) and declared it was okay. What could be the issues? Sam Hello there Sam, has your technician run a computer system analysis to test whether the engine has an electrical fault creating the cold begin issues? There are digital components in your Toyota engine this kind of as the crank shaft situation sensor, coolant temperature sensor or throttle place sensor that can cause commencing challenges if they are faulty. A computer diagnosis will assist to rule them out. It would be excellent to request your mechanic for a prepared defect and mend report indicating evidently what he fixed so that you are not remaining guessing. Fix background serves as valuable circumstance notes when pursuing up on a persistent fault or striving to get a second belief. Mail sms: mycar (space) your feedback and concerns to 6933 Or email them to: [email protected]