The Best Car Covers For 2023


Don’t want to shell out five Benjamin Franklins, yet still want an incredibly high-quality universal car cover for good value? The waterproof 30-layer iCarCover offers all-weather and UV protection, thanks to its unique fabric treatment. The bottom layer features a non-abrasive, thick, soft cotton lining incorporating a paint-pampering layer strip, which prevents scratches and scuffs. Three heavy-duty nylon straps with buckles may take a little finagling, but once secured, it keeps the vehicle covered even on the windiest of days.

Also suitable for indoor use, iCarCover offers sizes from 155 inches up to 235 inches long to fit almost any vehicle, whether you’re protecting a coupe, convertible, sedan, SUV, wagon or pickup truck. The purchase includes a zippered storage bag, two antenna patches, and an impressive seven-year warranty. The best part: It can be had for less than $100.


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