The Best Car Insurance Companies In Denmark For 2022

The Best Car Insurance Companies In Denmark For 2022
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Buying a car is no mean feat as they are very expensive. Therefore, the first thing that should come to every car owner’s mind is to insure it against any unexpected possible occurrence, like theft, fire, accident, etc. In Denmark, there are several insurance companies, but quite a few are the best in car insurance. 

ReviewsBird allows you to check out reviews in Denmark about insurance companies and every other available industry you could think of. Some of the best car insurance companies in Denmark for 2022 are listed as follows:

1- Almbrand

Almbrand is one of Denmark’s best and leading car insurance companies in 2022. Their insurance company has a policy that should excite every car owner willing to insure their car and their response rate is also 100 percent. The company was founded in 1792 but gradually grew from strength to strength while exchanging ownership twice. 

2- Topdanmark

Topdanmark is on the list of the best insurance companies in Denmark for the year 2022. Located in Ballerup, the insurance company arguably provides the best car insurance services in the country, irrespective of the policy adopted. They work hand-in-hand with reputable Danish car companies to fix your insured car whenever the needs arise. 

3- IDA Forsikring

Another top-rated car insurance service in Denmark is IDA Forsikring, an insurance company located in Kalvebod Brygge, KĂžbenhavn. IDA Forsikring is a channel between clients and major insurance companies as they link car owners to suitable companies depending on their budget to enjoy a seamless experience. It’s essential to note that Rasmus Halberg is the founder and CEO of the company. 

4- Alka Forsikring

Alka Forsikring is a Danish insurance company, one of the best concerning car insurance. Although the company was founded in 1944, it has undergone several CEO changes as the current one was appointed sometime this year and went by the name Alexandra Bastkar, Winter. 

Alka is headquartered in Taastrup, Copenhagen, where most of their jobs are carried out.  It’s important to know that car insurance in Denmark is quite tricky. Therefore, you should get acquainted with the system. 

5- Codan A/S

Codan A/S is the last name on the list of the best car insurance companies in Denmark and was founded in 1914 with its location in Copenhagen, Hovedstaden. The company is unarguably the biggest insurance company in the country, and because of this, its exemplary service can never be in doubt. The current CEO, Kai Patrick Bergander, was appointed in March 2014 and has continued to guide the largest insurance company to success. 


Should you buy a car in Denmark, the best thing to do is insure it with any of the 5 insurance companies listed above. Not only do they offer the best car insurance policy, but they’re also considered the best among the rest. However, there are certain things you must know before buying a used car in Denmark to make it eligible for insurance. 

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