These are the most exciting electric motorcycles coming in 2021!

There were a number of fascinating new electric motorcycles that were slated for release in 2020, but many saw their timelines stretched by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now 2021 appears to be the year of the new e-moto swarm with a score of models set to finally debut. Here are the ones keeping me on the edge of my seat.

Verge TS electric motorcycle

I’ve been following this one for way too long.

The fascinating design incorporates a Tron-style hubless rear wheel. But the kicker is that the wheel isn’t only hubless – it also houses an 80 kW and 1,000 NM electric motor in the rim!

That leaves the entire central frame open for batteries, which helps the Verge TS score a range rating of 300 km (186 miles).

I watched open-mouthed from the front row as the production prototype was unveiled in Milan in late 2019.

At the time, production was slated to begin in Finland in Q2 of 2020. Despite the company continuing to make progress throughout the year, 2020 passed us by, and now 2021 looks like the year we’ll finally see (and test!) the Verge TS electric motorcycle.