Truck Fuel Saver – The Amazing Secret of Using Water As Fuel For Trucks

Truck Fuel Saver – The Amazing Secret of Using Water As Fuel For Trucks

The main issue facing most car owners around the world is rising fuel cost. The effect is more adverse for truck owners. This is due to the vehicle high gasoline consumption because of its large engine capacity. It is not surprising that many truck owners are searching for ways to reduce their vehicle fuel usage. One suggestion to reduce fuel expense is to use water as a truck fuel saver. How does the technology work? This article will explore the amazing secret of using water as a truck fuel saver.

A truck uses an internal combustion engine as a power plant. We do not pour pure water into the engine to safe fuel. That will only lead you to a large repair bill at the end of the day. To use water as a truck fuel saver, we use hydrogen gas (H2) as a supplementary fuel. H2 is great as an alternative fuel because of its rapid and clean burning properties. The hydrogen gas required for the process can easily be generated from water through electrolysis. This is possible because water is made from 2 molecules of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen thus its name H2O. When the electrolysis is enabled, hydrogen gas is produced and stored. The idea is to vent the stored H2 into the engine air intake system.

When you are driving your truck, the engine will draw in air and the hydrogen gas into the combustion chambers. By mixing gasoline vapor and H2 in the chambers, the mixture is capable of producing a larger explosion. This is due to hydrogen gas being three times more potent than fossil fuel. The end result is a much greater power output from the engine. Theoretically, when a truck is consuming the same amount of fuel and getting a bigger engine output, it is capable of cruising a further distance hence increasing its mileage. Higher vehicle mileage equals to cost savings for truck owners.

The science behind using water as an alternative fuel for trucks is not complicated. If you do not mind getting your hands dirty, you can actually do the conversion process yourself. Most of the components required for the modification are common goods available from a hardware store. You will need to get a step by step instruction guide to help you in the conversion process. Most good quality guides can be purchased from the web.

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