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I have a 2016 Toyota RAV4 hybrid. About the previous 12 months, the motorized rear raise gate has not been performing properly. It would not close when you pushed the button, or it would near a few inches and stop. It would choose a number of attempts at button pushing right before it would lower, or I would have to shut it manually (which is difficult to do).

My dealership has furnished me superior services considering the fact that I acquired the motor vehicle, so I took it there three periods about the previous 6 months. The very first time, they claimed it was doing work fantastic (the issue is intermittent). The 2nd time, the mechanic stated he lubed the carry pistons, and it was working all over again. It did, for a working day. The third time the mechanic claimed they checked it with their laptop sensor, regardless of what that suggests, and “it is working excellent now.” It worked for a day or so. Now it is not opening completely and is even more difficult to push manually.

I loathe having it again in, simply because it’ll possibly work correctly for them or it will malfunction when, they’ll do something and declare it set when it is not.

Any notion what it is? — Charlotte

I assume you have a trouble with the motorized tailgate, Charlotte. How’s that for blazing perception? I’m not absolutely sure what it is, but I know that Toyota had difficulties with the personal computer that controls the electric power back again door.

And yes, Charlotte, there is an precise personal computer that controls your ability back again door. What a time to be alive, huh? Toyota even supplied to exchange the computer (termed the PBD Eu or the Multiplex Network Doorway Computer system) for absolutely free for buyers who had malfunctioning rear doorways.

The major complaint from buyers was that they loaded something that was way too significant for the rear compartment and then closed the rear liftgate. The doorway closed and stopped when it bought to the obstruction, as it’s meant to do, but then it wouldn’t purpose immediately after that.

Your difficulty sounds a minor distinct, but we’ve noticed another provider bulletin that stated when a specific difficulty code comes up in a scan (that’s what your seller did when he “checked it with their computer”), the solution is also to substitute that back again door computer system.

I would guess the component by itself costs about $150, and there’s not much labor involved. It is two bolts and a couple of plugs. But if you first complained about this when the car or truck was less than warranty, they owe it to you for free of charge.

And even if your guarantee experienced expired in advance of this issue surfaced, it hadn’t expired by substantially. So talk to them if they’d clearly show you some goodwill and fix it, given that it clearly should past a large amount for a longer time than it did.

It is always doable that it could be a terrible motorized piston (the motor that basically opens the door, and you have two of them) or the sensor that allows the personal computer know when an item is in the way. But given that we have found a lot of issues about the PBD Ecu, and we know Toyota’s experienced to replace a bunch of them for totally free, that’s where I’d start.

Plus, these other pieces price tag a fortune, so we hope the personal computer fixes it. Great luck, Charlotte.


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