Why don’t you start attending at warsaw driving school?


Why driving a car is a pure pleasure and why should you learn how to drive?

Driving a car is great fun. You do not have to wait at the bus stop for the missing bus. You simply get in your own car and start driving. However, before you drive your own car, you should go to driving school to get a driver’s licence. Read this article to the end to learn more about Warsaw driving school.

1. Why is it worth attending Warsaw driving school?

2. Hyundai i20 – why this car is chosen the most often?

3. How to sign up for our school?

4. How to prepare for driving license exam?

warsaw driving school

Why is it worth attending Warsaw driving school?

When you want to pass the driving exam (prawo jazdy in Polish), you need to attend driving lessons. It is obligatory to complete the course and pass both theoretical and practical tests in the english driving school warsaw. Our driving school has prepared an offer for the students who want to attend our lessons and they do not understand Polish well. Each lesson is in English and the professional instructor will teach you how to drive a car, how to park a car and how to take care of your car properly. The course is great for getting the theorical and practical knowledge in one place. 

Hyundai i20 – why this car is chosen the most often?

During the exam, you will have to use the manual gearbox (manualną skrzynią biegów in Polish) and use a city car, such as hyundai i20. The car is used during the practical exam. It is worth learning about using the same car as it is available for the exam. You will know how to use it and nothing will surprise you at the final exam. 

english driving school warsaw

How to sign up for our school?

Each driving lesson takes place in Warsaw, in the capital city of Poland. If you are interested in taking the driving license exam for category B, you should visit one of our driving schools in the city. At warsaw driving school you can sign up for the driving course, meet the driving instructors and find out more about the driving course. Moreover, you can also meet with future drivers and share experiences with them. Moreover, you can also learn how to drive online by attending the online course that is available for the studends who cannot visit our Warsaw driving school. However, when it comes to practical courses, the time and days are set individually with the students.

How to prepare for a driving license exam?

When you want to pass the driving exam, you need to practice a lot. You need to learn the rules of the exam and know how the car works.

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