According to recent reports, Europe is seeing a change in customer behavior when it comes to car purchases. Diesel car sales have been declining in all European countries since 2013, while hybrid and electric vehicles are still attempting to break into the International market. Visit OpinionesEspana to know about other Spanish Auto Companies that are taking the market sales by storm. Moreover, apart from the reviews, car maintenance advice is given in the articles that you must know to keep your car working well.

In this article, Top 10 models of 2019 are discussed that are still making great revenue. 

  1. Dacia Sandero 

The Romanian model outsells the Seat León by less than 300 units, taking advantage of a year with fewer sales volume to cement its competitive edge for clients looking. The hybrid edition ‘Stepway’ is the best-selling series that introduced a new wave in 2021.

  1. SEAT Leon

The Spanish bestseller struggles from the effects of the product shift, which often halts production and the introduction on the marketplace of all models and shipments. El León is also suffering from a decline in business and car rental revenue. It is expected to be the top one again this year, but the exclusion of the ‘X-Perience’ jacket variant and the division of the Cupra luxury vehicles may result in some market losses.

  1. Nissan Qashqai

For the fourteenth year in a row, the first SUV in the rankings is the Nissan Qashqai, which takes control of the second gen’s epic trip to deliver very deep discounts and, as a result, high revenue numbers. Furthermore, the business system has recorded a large number of units in preparation for the rise in registration tax and Recessions

  1. Fiat 500

The popular preference in Europe is also common in Spain, where it has become the ‘classy’ alternative for those who choose the easiest travel by car over public transportation. The introduction of micro-hybrid models with the DGT mark ‘eco’ has boosted sales even further.

  1. Renault Clio

Amid the generation transition, the Clio retains its form and sales growth due to the availability of a hybrid version with an eco-label at a very appealing rate. The design has improved in terms of consistency and visibility, and it is now preferred by a wide range of businesses as well as citizens. Maybe you like how much of a settlement to expect for a herniated disc.

  1. Toyota Corolla 

There are only four cars on the list from seventh to ninth, and the first of them is the Toyota Corolla. The sustainable tag of its electrical systems, the introduction of a ‘hybrid sport’ edition, and an especially appealing group design all contribute to this new generation’s visual popularity. It’s no surprise that it’s Spain’s second best-selling smart car, behind the SEAT León.

  1. SEAT Arona

The Arona is the label’s second SUV and first in the urban segment, replacing Ibiza as the label’s significant popular book. Given a flatter trajectory that no longer includes diesel engines, the Arona retains its form and guides a market segment that is becoming highly competitive. Its logo will be updated in 2021, and it could include more eco-friendly alternatives to the current gas engine.

In 2021, these models are doing the best in the market.