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Larry Brown

Seen here is business owner Larry Brown who has about 35 years of experience in the car industry. Brown intended to retire in 2020, but soon realized that he wanted to continue working in the car industry. He then purchased the property at 3749 Burgoyne Ave. in Kingsbury with his brother and started Brown Brother’s Automotive Sales and Service in 2021.

Drew Wardle

KINGSBURY — Business owner Larry Brown was supposed to retire in 2020, but his passion for the car industry did not rest.

Growing up, Brown worked for his family’s business, Jerry Brown’s Auto Parts, where they would purchase cars that had gotten into accidents to recycle specific parts.

“For example, somebody might have had their mirror knocked off the car, and that mirror was $600. We would offer the right mirror for $75,” Brown said.

Brown began working for his dad when he was 13 years old alongside his brother Stephen in 1980. He was still in school at the time and would spend all his extra time learning about the car industry. 

The Brown brothers eventually took over their dad’s business. They were approached to become a publicly-held company in 2015. Larry Brown stayed on as the general manager for five years until 2020 when his contract expired. 

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Now, the brothers have a new venture. Last year, they purchased the former location of Ringer’s Auto Sales at 3749 Burgoyne Ave. and formed Brown Brothers Automotive.

Brown said he has fond memories of visiting Tom Ringer’s old business with his dad, looking at cars and purchasing them.

When that property went up for sale, the two brothers knew it only made sense to start the new company and to further the legacy and trust that Ringer had developed, as it had always been near and dear to their hearts.

“Tom (Ringer) ran a first-class operation for 50 years; Ringer’s was a staple in the community, and we plan to continue that tradition,” Brown said. 

Construction is still ongoing at the new business, which includes offices, a lot for the on-sale cars and a large car repair garage, which is attached to a lobby with ample space for seating to accommodate COVID-19 social distancing. 

The new business offers more services than his dad’s old business. In addition to selling used cars, Brown Brother’s Automotive also repairs cars.

“My service manager, Matt Hall, has 20 years’ experience in the business,” Brown said.

Brown and Hall complement each other well. 

If a car comes in for repairs, Brown said he will work alongside Hall to see if any specific parts need replacing, drawing from his expertise on sourcing recycled parts.

Brown said that he is more interested in the more affordable option for the customer, as opposed to charging the customer the full price for a brand new part.

“In today’s economy, any dollar saved is a dollar earned,” Brown said.

Drew Wardle is a reporter for The Post-Star. You can contact him at 518-681-7343 or email him at [email protected].


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