Car Enthusiast and Watch Collector Max Logan is Taking Over Both Industries

Car Enthusiast and Watch Collector Max Logan is Taking Over Both Industries


In a world where both the economy and jobs are uncertain, entrepreneurship can be a highly attractive option to many ambitious people. The world is full of opportunities for entrepreneurs, but becoming successful takes more than the desire to shine. A lot of factors contribute to the success of an entrepreneur, and that’s what separates those who thrive from those that don’t. Unfortunately, no school can teach you much of what you need to thrive. You must do the work, learn to fail gracefully, and use the lessons you learn to succeed where others have failed. You can also study the behaviors of the movers and shakers in the industry you want to enter. Max Logan is one such model, thriving in the automotive and watch industries.

Max is an entrepreneur that refuses to be limited to just one industry. He has been a watch collector and car enthusiast for many years, hobbies that he turned into successful business ventures. Over the years, Max has spent thousands of hours discovering new things related to his passions, observing patterns, and turning that knowledge into a business. That’s how he has stayed ahead of others, becoming an influencer and trendsetter in multiple fields.

Luxury is the name of the game for Max, and that’s what his pursuits exemplify. He has made a name for himself in the car industry by participating in charitable car rallies and creating crazy car wraps on luxurious Lamborghinis. A few years ago, Max set a new International Mile Race Association (IMRA) record top speed of 205.179 in a Lamborghini Huracan. His social platforms are full of Max’s escapades on his Lamborghini truck, from one race to another in different parts of the country. The truck is also his first muse, the one he tests his crazy, attention-grabbing wraps.

Max adorns his truck with different skin jobs from time to time. A longtime fan of the Gucci brand that he even dresses his French bulldog in, Max turned heads when he used a Gucci-inspired wrap on his truck. The car’s visual transformation made headlines, inspiring other owners to give their vehicles a similar treatment. Speaking to a fan about his recent wrap, Max said, “I liked it, but it’s nice to change it up often.”

The thriving entrepreneur has the same approach to luxury watches. His go-to brands are Rolex, Richard Mille, and Audemars Piguet. Max says he has an impressive watch collection from his early days of learning about the industry. That high-end collection contains some rare timepieces, which Max trades to get an additional source of income. Besides passion, that’s the principal key to Max’s success. He says, “I don’t buy things that won’t appreciate or hold long-term value.” Whether he’s buying a watch or a car, that’s the advice he follows in his ventures.

Uniqueness is another thing Max emphasizes. He believes work should extend to the things you love, not something you dread doing. Entrepreneurship is more complicated than just having a great product, so you must make sure you stand out. Max sums it nicely, saying, “Just be different and do what you love.” That’s what he plans to do in his business, now and in the future.

Max is now focusing on breaking more records in the automotive industry, which he enjoys attempting. Later, he plans to expand, possibly even start his own company. He would also love to diversify and invest in vegan restaurants one day.


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