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Q: Hello Greg, and I just study your Shelby Cobra and Corvette Grand Sport short article in the Wayne Times newspaper and I need to have to level out a few of things.

Shelby purchased additional than AC bodies from AC Autos – he bought the complete car minus the engine and driveline. The product Shelby acquired was an AC Ace, not an AC Bristol. I’m not informed he at any time acquired an AC Bristol to configure into a Cobra. I personal an AC Bristol though a Shelby Cobra is my desire vehicle.

AC Bristols were not almost as quick as Corvettes but it would be erroneous to say Bristols have been underpowered as the AC Bristols had been quite thriving in their class in SCCA street races from 1957 to 1961.

I browse your automotive posts each week and delight in them – retain up the superior operate.
– Al Isselhard, Wolcott, New York

A: Al, I want to thank you for assisting with the adhering to column, as there is so a lot misinformation online and even in printed magazines about how the Shelby Cobra came to be, and how it all started I’m at times flabbergasted. For my readers to know, Al took the time both by means of electronic mail and on the phone with me for around 30 minutes detailing what genuinely happened, so many thanks for the updates and crucial info.

Al is suitable these early Ford Shelby Cobras have been in truth the Bristol Ace bodies. Bristol Autos was a manufacturer recognized for its hand-created luxurious autos headquartered in Bristol, England. And you are also suitable that although underpowered as opposed to an A/ or B/Production V8 Corvette, the AC Ace Bristols were certainly extremely aggressive sports activities cars.

The AC Ace two-seater sporting activities auto debuted in 1953 with a hand fashioned aluminum lightweight entire body, tube frame sports car or truck and at some point dominated the E/Production course in road racing. Isselhard noted that the authentic AC Ace roadster was out there only with AC’s individual 1991cc 6-cylinder engine initially crafted in the late 1920’s. In 1956 AC Autos started setting up the 1971cc Bristol 6-cylinder engine into their Ace and Aceca versions so these cars were being then offered with possibly engine. The Bristol motor was a significantly superior performer and primarily based on a pre-WWII BMW structure.

When Bristol ceased setting up its 6-cylinder motor in 1961, AC Autos proprietor, Charles Hurlock, was approached by Carroll Shelby to use a Ford V8 in its AC Ace Bristol car or truck, creating the prototype Shelby Cobra in 1962. Output of the Ace finished the identical year and the Shelby Cobra with the AC’s Ace overall body and chassis was born.

In the course of a follow-up phone discussion with Isselhard, he famous, “In 1961 Bristol did away with the Bristol motor that AC Cars experienced made use of in their Ace and Aceca products. A whole 463 Ace Bristols ended up designed and 169 Aceca Bristols have been built. A mate of the Hurlock’s, Ken Rudd, experienced experimented with 2553cc (2.6 liter) Ford Zephyr 6-cylinder engines and instructed changing the Bristol engines with the Ford 2.6 motor. An AC was taken off the assembly line and the 2.6 Ford motor was fitted. The adjust was an speedy results and the decision was designed to make this a lasting alter. Info seems to point out a complete of 37 Ace autos had been manufactured with the 2.6 Ford motor although 8 Aceca coupes had the 2.6 liter engine – the last of these in 1963. By now Shelby had entered the photograph.”

Isselhard also stated that amongst 1959 and 1963, AC Cars and trucks Ltd. also made a coupe referred to as the AC Greyhound and around this period of time of time the auto arrived with the AC, Bristol and Ford engines. AC also created a beautiful car termed the AC Frua crafted with a V8 Ford 428 motor and produced from 1965-73. About 81 automobiles had been crafted and 49 were coupes.

As for the Cobra, somewhere together the way, all of the nomenclature just simple morphed into what several Cobra fanatics regarded as an AC Cobra, minus the Ace notation and clearly incorrect. In truth, Cobras utilized the entire AC Automobiles Ltd. tube chassis and aluminum bodied auto, fewer travel practice. Most Shelby enthusiasts concur that the AC Ace is quite a few periods known as an AC Bristol Cobra or even Ford Cobra, but it is always accurate to say a Shelby Cobra to be 100% proper.

In 1963, AC designed and despatched 61 whole Cobra human body/chassis cars and delivered them to Shelby in the U.S. wherever the engines and transmissions ended up set up. The original Cobra Mark 1 designs have been equipped with both a 260- or 289-inch Ford V8 engines. By 1965, Shelby mounted 427 Ford V8 engines concerning the frame rails resulting in the swiftest Shelby Cobras ever developed. The end result discovered Shelby Cobras tearing up the SCCA races and beating the Corvettes handedly.

In summary, the Shelby Cobra utilizes the AC Ace roadster sports car body and chassis, developed by AC Vehicles Ltd. of Surrey, England. As for the aforementioned serious AC Cars and trucks Ltd. crafted sporting activities vehicle, I once again spoke with AC Ace Bristol owner Isselhard through email and the complete right nomenclature wording for the initial roadster sporting activities motor vehicle is AC “Ace” Bristol and Aceca Bristol for the coupe. The Carroll Shelby development here in the states is regarded as the Shelby Cobra. No matter of the wording, equally the AC Ace Bristol and the Shelby Cobra guaranteed made an impact on sporting activities automobile proprietors around the world

Nowadays, if an primary Shelby Cobra with its hand fashioned aluminum system and tube frame Ace DNA is auctioned off, it goes for seven figures no trouble.

And how significant in 7 figures? Shelby’s unique 1965 427 Cobra just offered at Mecum’s Kissimmee auction in Florida, Jan. 15, for an astounding $5.4 million.
Thanks for your aid and know-how Al, and for clearing up all the mass confusion the place this AC Ace Bristol and Shelby Cobra saga starts and ends. Good luck with your AC Bristols as Al owns both of those a roadster and a coupe.
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