Cleaning Tools Your Car Rental Needs to Have

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Starting a new car rental business? Let’s look at some must-have cleaning tools. 

One thing that will attract clients to your car rental outlet is the maintenance of the car. Maintenance encompasses servicing of engines, cleaning, and sometimes, detailing. What are the leading car rentals doing? Find out by reading reviews from trusted customer services. 

Beyond assembling a diverse range of rides in your garage, clients would be impressed to find the cars in tip-top condition. 

It is more important nowadays because of the pandemic — there is still some reluctance to share public transport. Prioritizing the cleanliness of the car will assure your clients of their safety. Check out other leading car services like Discover car rental

You can’t ignore cleaning as a car rental. Most clients do not wash the car before returning — most car rentals, too, do not demand that. It is a competitive line of business and such demands can turn customers away.

No matter how careful the client is, there is going to be some dirt in the car. You don’t want your next clients to meet that. Having stated its importance, here are some of the cleaning tools you should get for your car rental business:

 1. Vacuum Cleaner

A shiny exterior might attract customers, but an equally shiny interior will seal the deal. A vacuum for car detailing is the most important interior cleaning tool. It suctions all the sand, dirt, and crumbs on the seat and carpet. 

 2. Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners do a more thorough job at cleaning compared to vacuums. They sanitize the car and rid it of germs and bacteria. This equipment can help you earn a client’s trust.

 3. Carpet Extractor

A vacuum removes most of the dirt in the car’s carpet, but occasionally, you may need to give it a deep, wet cleaning. The problem is: rug carpets do not dry quickly. Damp rugs are breeding grounds for microbes and can cause the car to stink. 

So, what do you do if a client needs to rent a car and the rug is still wet? That’s where a carpet extractor comes in. It will dry the carpet and allow you to satisfy other clients.

 4. Car Wash Bucket Kit

This kit is a pack of essential tools that every car rental needs. You have a large bucket, car shampoo, microfiber towel, a mitt, a sprayer, etc. If you own a small car rental, you would find this to be an economical acquisition. 

 5. Car Detailing Kit

A detailing kit differs from a washing kit. Whereas a washing kit contains equipment for general cleaning, a detailing kit is for more specialized use. A typical detailing kit should contain a polish, wax, protectant, glass cleaner, microbe wash mitt, water magnet, etc. These will give your car a gloss. 

 6. Buffer

It is not unusual for the customer to return the car with minor scratches on its paintwork. Although minor scratches may not significantly dent your chances with regular customers, paying attention to detail speaks volumes about your brand. 

A buffer is an equipment that removes these minor scratches. You can get either an electric or a manual buffer, but the former requires expert handling. 

Car rentals are popping up everywhere, so there’s a lot of competition. In the business world, one must grab at every opportunity to be one step ahead of competitors, and a squeaky clean car can give you that edge.