Drive Safely: 6 Tips for Foggy Weather in the UAE

UAE: Authority issues tips for driving in foggy conditions

Driving in fog is dangerous, as you can barely see one meter in front of your car, which is not a very safety-friendly drive.

To stay safe when it’s foggy outside, the best thing you can do is stay at home, but sometimes, you can’t but go to work or college.

So, to protect yourself and other passengers, and maintain your car and other cars’ safety on the road, here are some tips that will tell what to do:

  1. Turn Fog Lights On

Fog lights are there for a reason, they are also good when it’s raining, snowing, and various weather conditions like mild sandstorms and dust.

If you live in the UAE and your car is so old that it has no front fog lights, maybe it’s the time to cash your car in the UAE, and get yourself a new one; almost all modern cars have rear fog lights because it’s a legal requirement worldwide.

The fog lights switch is on the wheel stalk, dashboard, or by the headlights control depending on the car.

Look at the car’s manual if you can’t find them and keep them on all the time when it’s foggy until the weather becomes clearer.

  1. Drive Slowly

It’s naive to rush when you can’t see one meter ahead, especially when there is a thick fog; it’s risky and dangerous for both of you, your passengers, pedestrians, and other cars.

When your visibility is lowered, you shouldn’t even drive at your usual speed, on the contrary, you need to slow down as much as you can for it’s safer for everyone on the road.

40km/h – 50 km/h is recommended on misty days, so try to stick to those limits, do not speed up, and leave your house earlier to give yourself plenty of time, even if you’re late, just don’t rush; your safety is vital.

  1. Keep Distance

Typically, you should keep a 2-3 seconds distance between your car and the cars in front of you, this rule is useful when the weather is clear, and you can prevent collisions from happening.

When it’s hazy, you should keep up to 5 seconds between you and the car in front of you to maintain your car value if you want to sell your car in Dubai.

  1. Take Breaks

When driving becomes a hindrance, you can’t see anymore; stop at the nearest gas station, rest stop, or servicing stop, grab a cup of coffee, and wait till the weather is clearer. Your errands can wait, believe me, your safety is much more important.

  1. Use Low Beam Lights

Using high beams when it’s foggy isn’t helpful as many drivers think, on the contrary, using high illumination is dangerous, especially when your visibility is less than 150 meters ahead. Using high beams will reflect the light back due to the water particles and block your vision.

Use low beam lights, it can make your vision clearer.

  1. Don’t Try New Roads

Even if there is heavy traffic, or you want to try a shorter lane; just stick to what you already know. Changing the road at the last minute can really cause you an accident.

Unless you’re confident enough in your driving skills to drive a new road, don’t risk it. It could end in disaster.

Fog creates visibility problems as it dims objects at a distance, and affects your ability to see at a close distance.

The above tips are great for fog weather conditions to avoid trouble. Follow them and keep yourself safe. Finally, ensure you’re not too far from a service station if you find yourself stuck.