How to organise a three-day trip to Indiana

8 Incredible Weekend Getaways in Indiana (by a Hoosier)

Everyone wants to explore life in their own way. Everyone wants to travel and explore every possible place on the earth. When you are on vacation, you plan to go somewhere. You will try to cover all the areas in the least possible time.

You have to search out everything and go through a lot of procedures to search for what is best for you. Sites like come useful when you want to check reviews about a brand while you are travelling. Here are some tips and guidelines that can help you arrange a three-day trip to Indiana and explore maximum spots in minimum time.

Day 1

On the first day, we will start from the Eiteljorg Museum and will see the Native American culture through a large permanent collection of art and sculptures. After spending 1-2 hours, we will visit the discovery centre. We will see a wide range of instruments and interactive exhibits there and will see the role of these instruments in different cultures. Then we will go to the monument circle. It is surrounded by different types of shops and restaurants. We will have our lunch there and then will go to the Fashion Mall of Keystone. There you can go shopping for yourself as it has different brands and stores there. After this, we will have dinner in Late Harvest Kitchen. After dinner, we will go to the hotel to stay at night.

Day 2

We will start our second day at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. It is the world’s largest children’s museum. Then we will go to the Central Canal. It has boats and kayaks. After spending 2-3 hours, we will go to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. It is one of the largest and oldest art museums in the United States, with a permanent collection in its galleries and outdoor gardens. Then, we will visit the Oldfields-Lilly house and garden, it is a 26-acre estate, and it has a breathtaking look for visitors. Then we will have our supper in Dawson’s on Main restaurant. Then we will go to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. It has a wide range of racing cars and bikes. Then, we will find good and cheap hotels in the US, to spend a night there.

Day 3 

On day three, we will go to the White River State Park. This park has a wide area in which there are plenty of recreational activities. After this, we will visit the Indianapolis Zoo, in which there are more than 3800 types of species and has a wonderful sight of dolphins. Then we will visit the Indiana State Museum. It covers Indiana history, popular culture, local art, and important personalities. After all this, we will have dinner in Eagle’s Nest Restaurant. It has a great rooftop from which the city can be sighted.

Final thoughts

You can travel and visit throughout Indiana in three days and cover maximum locations in these three days. All you need to do is to follow these guidelines and tips. Good research can help you make the best trip for yourself.