WHY DOES MY STEERING WHEEL SHAKE? Hi there Paul, my Kia Sportage steering violently shakes when I brake at significant speeds. This trouble has progressed about a couple of months. What could be the bring about? Babirye Howdy Babirye, steering wheel shakes at high speeds is fairly disconcerting and can result in loss of management. There are 5 common leads to of steering wheel shakes and you will will need a mechanic to examine and come to a decision the culprit in your scenario. Places to examine involve warped brake discs (rotors), wheels out of stability, worn out steering tie rods, worn out CV axle joint or worn out upper management arm bushings or suspension ball joints. Warped brake discs are destroyed by heat for the duration of emergency or serious braking. This makes the brake disc area uneven, which leads to juddering and shaking of the steering when you brake. Employing a vernier caliper, you can detect uneven sections of the disc. You have to have to exchange the discs if their surface is erratically worn out. Wheels excessively out of harmony will vibrate and shake the steering as you pace along. Wheel balancing at a tyre supplier will rule that out. Worn out tie rods will allow a play in between the spindle and the steering, which will bring about steering shake. An inspection of the tie rods after dismantling will affirm their state. Keep away from remedial pressing of tie rods if they are worn out, just substitute them. Worn out CV joints have a tendency to bend, which causes steering shakes considering that they transfer electrical power from the transmission to the wheels. A visual inspection will determine if they are the culprits. On cars with higher and decreased regulate arms these kinds of as yours, worn out cone bushings and wandering suspension ball joints will bring about steering shakes at more rapidly speeds. A visual inspection following dismantling is required to verify this difficulty. MY CAR’S Motor Keeps Halting I push a Subaru Forester 2008 product. A number of times in the past, the engine started out halting especially whilst driving at minimal speeds such as during traffic jam. My mechanic thinks the computer system is faulty. On the other hand, there is no check motor light-weight. What could be the fault? Eseza. Howdy Eseza, whereas it is probable that defective motor administration program parts these types of as the crank shaft posture sensor can result in erratic motor stalling, there are other mechanical elements this sort of as a clogged gas filter, faulty throttle idle air control valve, aged spark plugs or dirty air filter that can also lead to the similar challenge. A diagnostic test can assistance to detect or rule out an motor management ingredient failure. In the absence of a defective electrical element, your assistance company can look at examining the gas filter upkeep standing, spark plugs, air cleaner component and the air ingestion system for a leak on the intake pipe among the air stream sensor and throttle potentiometer. HOW CAN I Correctly Handle MY Car or truck Whilst NEGOTIATING CORNERS? Hi there Paul, I travel a Toyota Prado with a handbook gearbox. Kindly advise which gears I should really use when driving rapidly by a corner on the freeway. Generally I experience unpleasant as I travel as a result of corners and come to feel as if the motor vehicle is veering off the highway. Asuman Hello Asuman, when driving quick on the highway, the movement forces or momentum will keep your vehicle going in a straight line and will counter your effort to turn the vehicle in a curve or corner. This is far more challenging when you are driving quickly and the street surface is soaked or free with gravel. The tendency is the vehicle to drop highway grip or get started to skid as you turn sharply at substantial speed. You should to use a deliberate method when driving via sharp curves or corners on the freeway in get to steer clear of skidding or getting rid of handle of your car or truck. Sluggish down by getting your foot off the accelerator or braking a little even though even now in the straight line. Any steering action should be gradual to steer clear of losing control or skidding. Modern autos with traction control or electronic steadiness programme (ESP) will watch wheel speeds although stiffening the steering to prevent above steer. ESP selectively applies brakes and down shifts making use of brake guide to gradual the car. You can simulate the ESP counter steps by shifting from better to lower gears, for instance from five to 4 to 3 then to two. Do this although managing the steering angle and accelerating following the midpoint of the curve or corner and step by step centering the steering as you get back again to the straight line after the corner. MY Motor vehicle EMITS WHITE SMOKE THAT SMELLS LIKE ROTTEN EGGS Good day Paul, my Toyota RAV4 2000 has began emitting whitish smoke from the exhaust with a awful scent of rotten eggs. Now, the car or truck is weak when driving uphill. Is my motor broken? Kaggwa Hi there Kaggwa, white exhaust smoke is a indication of your motor burning coolant. This is usually the final result of a warped cylinder head gasket right after extreme engine overheating episodes. This gasket makes sure that all fluids this sort of as coolant and oil are kept in their respective galleries to prevent intrusion in the combustion chamber. When coolant leaks into the combustion chamber, it is burnt collectively with gas, which benefits into white exhaust emission. Burning coolant helps prevent complete combustion of gas. The resultant unburnt gasoline will finish up in the exhaust method exactly where it accumulates and burns in the pretty incredibly hot honey comb-like catalytic convertor (CAT). The ammonia-like smell you describe is a confirmation of catalytic convertor harm and a possible hurt of the engine as the CAT receives blocked and restricts emission of exhaust. No wonder you are suffering from diminished motor functionality. Take a look at a garage as soon as attainable to have the head gasket and catalytic convertor inspected for replacement. Ship sms: mycar (space) your opinions and thoughts to 6933 or electronic mail them to: [email protected]