Mechanic repairing customer’s car left in tears after finding handwritten note

It’s been a tough year.

Not many of us are leaving this year with fond memories.

While it’s one for the history books, we can’t imagine nattering much about the highlights of this year, at least for a while.

But one man managed to inspire some hope after sharing a sweet note he came across while fixing a car.

It’s almost got us in the Christmas spirit.

He shared it on Reddit, where lots of people were genuinely touched by his comment – not something that seems to happen much on the internet these days.

A post-it note on the car controls which says 'I love you papa'
The sweet note has gone viral on Reddit

The note said: “I love you papa” and was stuck on the driver’s car controls.

The mechanic shared a photograph of the note on Reddit, adding: “This little note in a customer’s car reminded me today of another reason I took this job.

“Every thing we do has an impact on an entire family, and it’s in our hands to keep them safe. No matter how frustrating a car can get, this reminds me just how important it is to do our jobs right.”

Lots of people were left feeling very touched by his reminder, with one person commenting: “This is the best post I think I’ve seen on here in a long time…”

Another agreed, adding: Amen, amen, and AMEN! As an advisor/manager for the last 20 years I am truly in awe of the amazing, dedicated, and quality techs I have encountered over the years.

“Sadly, they seem to be a rare breed – and to the “good ones”, I say thank you for keeping my family and my community safe.”

One slightly more cynical Redditor joked: “Life hack…. write a note like this using your wrong hand and post it in your car next time you bring it in for service. This will ensure they take extra care with your car.

“I actually think I might make one and put into my folded car registration then if I get pulled over and just hand it to the cop for him to find back in his cop car when he is writing me a ticket and then lets me off the hook. ;)”

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