Mechanics prepared for cold temperature

Automobile house owners in Central Pennsylvania want to be on notify when the weather will get colder. When the temperature drops beneath freezing, your car may perhaps begin to act up.

Mechanics prepared for cold climate


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“Your anti-freeze is really crucial. You want to make sure it safeguards as a result of temperatures beneath zero. Now it can however protect beneath zero, but over time anti-freeze can get rid of corrosion security,” explained Tim Riedy of Kost Tire & Muffler in Williamsport.


Crews at Kost Tire & Muffler in Williamsport are consistently hectic doing the job on vehicles in the course of the wintertime months that encounter troubles with the cold. 

“During the winter, it is busy. Cold and heat can do it, so it pretty much is all yr round but specifically this time of the calendar year. Chilly can just take a toll on your battery,” stated Riedy.

Tim Riedy tells Newswatch 16 that just one of the most common issues he sees improper with autos in the wintertime are weak batteries, and he has a suggestion for you to verify your battery at home.

“Nicely, on the battery, 1 issue you can do is switch your lights on right before you start your car or truck, and if your lights tend to get brighter, that could be an indicator that your battery is setting up to get weak,” reported Riedy.

Tires are an additional important part of the car or truck that feels the impact of the cold climate. Riedy has a different idea for you to look at to see if you have to have new tires. All you need is a quarter.

“AAA recommends that you use a quarter and place the quarter in the tread, and if you can see his full head, then it is time for new tires,” said Riedy.

According to the Stormtracker 16 staff, about the next couple of times, the superior temperature will hover down below the freezing mark, so you could want to get your auto began and warmed up ahead of you head out.

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