Piston Automotive and Our Next Energy Partner to Manufacture EV Batteries

Piston Automotive has partnered with Novi


Piston Automotive has partnered with Novi's Our Next Energy (ONE) to manufacture the Aries battery pack (pictured) at its Van Buren Township facility. // Stock Photo
Piston Automotive has partnered with Novi’s Our Next Energy (ONE) to manufacture the Aries battery pack (pictured) at its Van Buren Township facility. // Stock Photo

Piston Automotive, a member of Southfield’s Piston Group of companies, has announced a partnership with Novi-based developer of energy storage technology Our Next Energy Inc. (ONE) to manufacture EV batteries at a Piston’s facility in Van Buren Township.

“We are thrilled to partner with Our Next Energy,” says Vinnie Johnston, founder and chairman of the Piston Group. “Our collaborative relationship and combined experience in electrification design and manufacturing assembly will be evident in the quality of the battery packs that we produce for the next generation of electric commercial vehicles.”

The new venture will mass produce ONE’s Aries battery pack, which uses lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry in a structural cell to pack architecture. In simple terms, this allows ONE’s customers to increase range and reduce cost while eliminating nickel and cobalt supply chain and safety concerns.

“The Piston Group has a proven track record as a high-quality manufacturing partner for battery packs,” says Mujeeb Ijaz, founder and CEO of ONE. “Their experience makes them an ideal partner to assemble our Aries pack.”

Bob Holloway, president of Piston Automotive, says: “Our commitment to growth and product expansion over the past decade with other EV industry leading partners has been a key foundation to our success. Piston Automotive’s expertise in battery assembly process design, testing, and service, combined with ONE’s innovative battery pack design, is an exciting opportunity and a great fit for our long-term strategy.”

Piston Group subsidiaries include Piston Automotive, Detroit Thermal Systems, Irvin Automotive Products, and AIREA.

In related news, the Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) officially released four electric buses in revenue service, marking the start of its commitment to green technology and safe transit.

The Proterra electric buses are now incorporated into regular revenue service and are the first electric buses in DDOT’s fleet. Electric buses produce fewer emissions, are more energy efficient, quieter, and use fewer parts than standard fossil fuel buses, making them a sustainable choice for public transit.

The electric bus charging station is set up at Shoemaker Terminal, located at 5149 St. Jean near the intersection of St. Jean and Shoemaker Street on Detroit’s east side. The electric buses will be assigned to routes based out of that terminal.

“DDOT is excited and proud to partner with Proterra to bring cleaner transit to Detroit,” says C. Mikel Oglesby, executive director of transit at DDOT. “Detroiters deserve safe and sustainable transit, and we are happy to be at the forefront of this exciting technology.”


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