“Project YammaMini” Is a Vintage Mini Having Yamaha R1 Engine Swap

Here’s a rather large illustration that if you put your thoughts to it, very little is rather impossible it’s just a case of surmounting road blocks. Absolutely sure, dimensionally, this undertaking does not stretch as well significantly. Right after all, we’re working with a traditional Mini and a Yamaha R1 motorbike. Not the largest autos out there. But how about the mechanic executing all the get the job done having a visual impairment?

Shoehorning a superbike engine inside of the tight confines of a traditional Mini’s motor bay is not one thing unheard of, but a blind mechanic carrying out the do the job… very well, that’s just one thing else, ideal?!

We have not too long ago stumbled on a new YouTube channel termed Blind Main The Blind, which seemingly chronicles the trials and tribulations of Simon Fox.

Also identified as Foxy, the mechanic (which is also 1 of the most organized automobile magicians we have come throughout) was the victim of a tragic incident a lot more than a decade ago, and the horrific vehicle crash still left him blind.

His lifelong ambition considering that even prior to that took place was to build a superbike-run common Mini! For the reason that he’s surrounded by loving household and close friends, the essential components, a common Mini and a Yamaha R1 engine, located their way into his garage.

Sadly, they skipped the opportunity to document the get started of the journey, which is why the create kicks off from the 2nd episode. No matter, because there’s a lengthy journey in advance and we’ll be there to celebrate with them.

Right before that occurs, let’s examine the setup. So, the blind mechanic Simon was the man with the dream and the vision of owning a superbike-powered Mini, which led to the creation of the “Task YammaMini” moniker.

He’s receiving some support from spouse Pru as perfectly as very best mates Andy and David, but the a few have no thought what they are carrying out, therefore the title of the channel: Blind Major The Blind.

Anything is reasonable, so never be impressed if they succeed in coming up with the crazy engine swap. Which, by the way, is not that out of the regular – just look at out this insane mid-engine Rover Mini that bought treated to the powerplant of a Kawasaki Ninja!