Taiwan leadframe makers enjoy brisk orders for automotive power modules

Taiwan leadframe makers enjoy brisk orders for automotive power modules


Taiwan-based leadframe makers Jih Lin Technology and Shuen Der Industry (SDI) have seen clear order visibility through the end of 2023, buoyed by strong demand for automotive power modules from IDMs, according to industry sources.

IDMs including Infineon, NXP Semiconductors and STMicroelectronics have outsourced more of their production for automotive MCUs to foundries and backend houses. As for automotive power modules, those IDMs outsource only the backend part to OSATs like ASE Technology, the sources said.

Jih Lin and SDI have cut into the supply chain of the world’s major automotive IC IDMs by providing packaging leadframes for their custom power modules, the sources indicated.

Jih Lin has enjoyed strong leadframe demand for automotive power devices, with order visibility extended to end-2023, said company chairman SY Tsai on the sideline of a June 21 shareholders meeting. Jih Lin supplies customized leadframes for processing silicon-based IGBT modules or SiC power modules by major IDMs.

Jih Lin is reportedly engaged in the supply chain for hybrid SiC-IGBT power modules adopted in Tesla’s EVs.

In addition, Jih Lin and SDI are expected to post impressive profit increases in 2022, according to market sources. Both leadframe suppliers managed to raise their quotes in the first half of this year.


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