The Headlight News Podcast Offers up the Latest Automotive News

The Headlight News Podcast Offers up the Latest Automotive News


Each week reports on the biggest news and events happening in the auto industry and relays those stories in its weekly the Headlight News podcast. The roundup includes news, features, reviews and more. 

2023 Maserati Grecale 2
The Maserati Grecale made its debut last week, helping transform the automaker’s portfolio.

Gas prices are coming back down a bit from their record highs, but some analysts warn that they could rise again with the volatility the war in Ukraine is causing. 

Some of the other stories you need to know about include:

  • Despite the high gas prices, a new study by AutoPacific reveals that more than half of large SUV and pickup owners will be sticking with their bigger vehicles — even if prices top $5 a gallon;
  • The chip shortage continues to hamper automakers — this time General Motors. The company is shutting down its Fort Wayne, Indiana plant that produces its full size trucks indefinitely; 
  • Maserati introduced its newest SUV, the Grecale; and, 
  • Analysts predict new vehicle sales are going to decline double digits in March. The reasons for the drop are same problems, new month — starting with low inventory levels.

Executive Editor Joe Szczesny says this week’s Top Story is that with the high gas prices, many automakers took the chance to show off their commitment to EVs, including Volkswagen, GM, Polestar and Tesla. However, Stellantis offered a little different perspective revealing plans for a $4.1 billion EV battery plant in Canada as well as an all new gas-powered engine family dubbed Hurricane. 

Stellantis Hurricane engine two
Stellantis unveiled its new 3.0-liter Hurricane Twin-Turbo inline 6-cylinder engine that delivers better fuel economy and fewer emissions than larger engines.

If you’re looking for a carry-all vehicle, there may be no better option than the 2022 Chevrolet Suburban, says Executive Editor Larry Printz. With a massive interior and a second-to-none powertrain, the Suburban gets the job does — as it has since its debut in the 1930s. However, not everything is perfect about the massive beast — check out the review to find out more.

Turning to this week, Managing Editor Michael Strong says the UAW and its president, Ray Curry, will be the center of attention early in the week as he sits down for a “fireside chat” with the Automotive Press Association. Later in the week, automakers will report their final March sales results, confirming or repudiating the predictions mentioned earlier.

Printz returns to takes us back in automotive history, starting in 1947. That’s when Earle MacPherson debuts his new suspension system, which we all now know as the MacPherson Strut Suspension. Initially designed for GM, which shelves it, it shows up on Ford vehicles starting in 1949 when MacPherson jumps to Dearborn. It’s still in use today. Production on the Lincoln Continental Mark I ends in 1948. The Ferrari 250 GTO makes its debut at the 12 Hours of Sebring in Florida in 1962.

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