These Classic JDM Cars Will Probably Outlive You

The Japanese Domestic Market has released a number of brilliant and resilient classic cars over time. Vehicles like the Toyota Land Cruiser and almost every generation of Toyota Corolla are perfect examples of brilliant manufacturing completed by Japanese car brands. These cars were built to last for a long period of time.

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However, there are plenty of Japanese cars that are made so well that they will probably outlive us all considering how well-made they all are. These cars are manufactured to last and to exist throughout generations. This list below explores such cars and shows how they are still perfectly capable vehicles that are both classics and engineered so brilliantly.

10 Subaru Legacy Outback (First Edition)

Subaru Legacy First Generation
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Launched in 1994, Subaru launched the Outback as a derivation from the original Legacy.  There were further editions of the Outback launched in the ’90s too, but on each one there were improvements that enhanced the overall build quality of the vehicle.

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The Outback is renowned for its legacy as a reliable vehicle capable of surviving rough conditions. Subaru managed to design a vehicle that is suitable in plenty of environments and conditions, and most owners love their Outback. This car is probably indestructible, with its robustness and resilience since its creation. Parts may be pricey, but the Outback will truly outlive its owners.

9 Subaru Brat

Subaru Brat

Subaru launched the Brat originally in the late 1970s. Since its release, the Brat has become a notable vehicle for being very tough. The car may rust quite a bit, but the engine is practically indestructible.

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subaru truck 80s BRAT
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Subaru managed to use their manufacturing capabilities to extremely high levels in the Brat, whilst also building an immensely successful powertrain that is practically damage-proof. The Brat is quite rare to buy nowadays, but if enthusiasts can manage to purchase one then they know that their vehicle will be around for an extremely long time.

8 Toyota Hilux (Fifth generation)

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There are plenty of generations to the Toyota Hilux, and one which represents the absolute success of the vehicle is the fifth generation launched in 1988. Toyota themselves note that the Hilux was a representation of ‘power, sturdiness and comfort‘. The Toyota also experienced many upgrades in order to enhance the reliability and stability of the Hilux.

Toyota Hilux Fifth Generation
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With its rigidity and sturdiness, it is unsurprising to say that the Hilux will probably outlive us. The vehicle definitely represents what a pickup truck was expected to be. There are newer generations of the Hilux still being made nowadays, but the earlier generations are still full of life.

7 Honda CR-X

Honda launched the CR-X in 1984. Many praised the CR-X for its handling properties and the power it could put out – some 130bhp at full performance. Renowned as one of the best hot hatches nowadays, the CR-X was not as favorably discussed back when it was released.

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Despite this, since mixed reviews, the CR-X has proved itself to be enjoyed by many owners over a long time. There are some problems with rust, but the vehicle itself is pretty reliable in the long term if it has been looked after and is sure to live for a very long time.

6 Toyota Century

Toyota Century Extended Wheelbase
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The Century was launched in 1967. The vehicle is very luxurious and is used by the Japanese Government quite frequently. Many Centurys have been taken care of so much, in the US especially, that they are in almost perfect condition and can still drive like a dream after over 50 years.

Toyota Century
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There have been three generations of the Century, and the first two are still impressive in the light of the newest generation. The Century was built to be robust and to be important, and it still appears to be managing this into the modern-day, and long after too.

5 Datsun 240Z

Orange Datsun 240Z from side view
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The Datsun 240Z was a representation of the Japanese reliability alongside an impeccable engine and great gearbox. Also referred to as the Nissan Fairlady Z in the US, the vehicle is a sleek sports car and a great Japanese classic.

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Not only is the car attractive, but it was built to last. Yes, there are some issues with rust, but ultimately the vehicle was designed to last for a very long time. The car is over 50 years old now and still drives just as brilliantly as it did upon release.

4 Mitsubishi Delica (Fourth generation)

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The fourth generation of the Delica was launched by Mitsubishi in 1994. The Delica was made to be robust within cities and for families, with the vehicle being a minivan/people carrier. The vehicles are plenty equipped for long-distance journeys and are suited to traveling.

Is The Mitsubishi Delica The Rarest 4X4 In The World
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The generation underwent a facelift in 1996 and was capable of more modern fuels. As such, the vehicle keeps up with the times in terms of fuel. Good on multiple types of land and sure to be reliable, the Delica will live for a very long time.

3 Mitsubishi Galant (Sixth generation VR-4 Version)

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The sixth generation of the Mitsubishi Galant was released in 1987 and subsequently won Car of the Year in Japan in 1987 and in 1989 for Motor Trend’s Import Car of the Year. The VR-4 variant solidified Mitsubishi’s World Rally Championship credentials.

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The VR-4 Version was a brilliant rally car and was equipped with a fantastic engine. The VR-4 rivaled the Porsche 959 and had brilliant traction. The vehicle was built so well because it had to be homologated for Group A Rallying. Despite this, the vehicle was not exactly successful in rally racing.

2 Honda S600


Back in 1964, Honda launched the S600. It was available as a roadster and a coupe, and was equipped with a water-cooled engine and four carburetors. The car was also fast and was truly enjoyable for enthusiasts.

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Honda built the S600 to be so reliable and robust so that the vehicle would last over time. Building the high rev engine was also no small feat as it required high mechanical engineering.

1 Suzuki Samurai (Second Generation)


The second generation of the Suzuki Samurai was released in 1981 and was built to last. Like most off-roaders, it was tough and strong in plenty of weather conditions and harsh environments. The vehicle was light-weight enough to use in different areas and meant that it was a win for enthusiasts.

Red Suzuki Samurai

The vehicle may have some issues with rust, but they are tough little off-roaders built to last for a very long time. With them lasting throughout any weather conditions, it would be difficult to kill off a Samurai, and it is a definite warrior on the roads.

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