This new 50 mph electric bike strategies to use sodium-ion batteries

French bike company Sodium Cycles took to CES 2021 to exhibit off the latest edition of their light electrical motorcycle recognized as the Xubaka.

Sodium Cycles Xubaka

The Xubaka electric bike has been in development given that 2018 and appears to be like very different from most mini electric motorcycles we’ve found.

Alternatively of utilizing a typical mini-activity bicycle style, it opts for a bicycle style frame without the need of the pedals.

As Sodium Cycles explains the track record of the structure:

Vintage and pure, XUBAKA’s exclusive structure evokes the legendary bikes of the 70s as significantly as the futuristic lines of the Bauhaus for home furnishings and architecture.

Certain, okay.

The Chromoly steel frame involves a classic entrance suspension fork but bucks a classic rear swingarm suspension in favor of right suspending the rider’s seat.

The passenger appears to be on his or her individual when it comes to suspension, although a pillion seat is only a person option for the rear.

Sodium Cycles has a suite of racks and other utility-oriented accessories that would switch the rear seat and switch the bike into extra of a cargo scooter.

The Xubaka’s rear residences a 4 kW continuous and 5.5 kW peak-rated hub motor that propels the bike to a leading velocity of 80 km/h (50 mph). The Xubaka is confined to just 50 km/h (31 mph) in its native EU though, holding it road lawful in the 50cc class without having a total bike license.

The US version will presumably not have the decrease pace restrict, or may perhaps have optional user-selectable velocity boundaries that would permit the Xubaka to operate at total speed.

The 50 kg (110 lb) bicycle arrives in far down below the body weight of most comparably performing gas or electric powered scooters/motorcycles.

A very low slung 1.34 kWh battery features a claimed assortment of among 60-80 km (37-50 miles), although just about certainly calculated at slower metropolis speeds.

For now that battery utilizes lithium-ion cells like almost all electric bicycles and bikes on the industry right now. But Sodium Cycles attracts its name from its bold prepare to outfit the bicycle with new sodium-ion batteries. Sodium-ion batteries are a rapidly acquiring know-how that could existing quite a few benefits as an alternative to traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Sodium Cycles intends to use sodium-ion batteries created by fellow French firm TIAMAT, which has acquired federal government backing from the CNRS (French Countrywide Centre of Scientific Investigation).

The Xubaka is prepared for an initial release in the EU in 2021, but intends to eventually enter the US marketplace. The bicycle will retail for €5,900 (approximately US$7,170) – a hefty selling price for the EU speed-limited variation.