Used Lincoln for Sale in Bradenton, FL

Used Mercedes-Benz AMG E for sale in New York, NY


I’ve been a “Ford/Lincoln/Mercury” man All of my Life!, my Pop worked at the Oakville plant for 30+ yr’s, and I just wish He was still around to See this little Gem!,. this Car is Everything you could ask for,,,,,and More!
The Ride is awesome, the Performance is Second to None!, I have the ‘Reserve’ package, and the 2.3 litre Turbo Snaps your Head back like you were Driving a “Muscle” car!,. it reminds me of my very 1’st Ride,,,,a ’73 Mercury Comet GT w/ a BOSS 302 under the Hood!, well the MkC holds it’s own in the Speed dept,.! my Comet did 0-60 in 5.5 sec,.!, the MkC does it in just under 6 sec,. 5.85 to be exact!,,,,and it does it in Style!, and s-o-o Smooth, you wouldn’t even think you were Stepping down on the Gas!,,,I’ve already been handed a Speeding ticket for doing 140km in a 100 zone!, because it was so Damned quiet, it actually Shocked me when the Trooper said “Do You Know How Fast You Were Going there Sport”??, LoL!,,,and then there’s the Handling!, the MkC is like driving an Audi Quattro w/ a BOSS 302 under the Hood!,,,,,Want to experience that same kind of Rush you had driving like when you were in your 20’s? driving a “Sports Car”?,,,,take off the Traction-Control, and Go and Find the Best Hair-pin Cornering Road near You!, and try and Push the Car to it’s limit!,,,,,You’ll be Exhilarated!


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